Royal Swedish Opera and Ballet


Short documentary portrait films of artists




Stockholm, Sweden




I shot the above scenes featuring dancer Madeline Woo rehearsing David Dawson's choreography for The Grey Area for the Royal Swedish Opera and Ballet in 2018 as part of one of four artist portrait films which I also edited. The two-minute long short films each depict an artists at work as they rehearse and prepare for upcoming performances at the opera house, while reflecting on their roles and the inspirations and stories behind the works.

Full film "Grey Area - A Dancer's Point of View (Madeline Woo)":


production and camera 2 (not pictured above): Emil Nylander / Practice Films

additional footage in some films (e.g. Eugen Onegin - interview parts - not pictured above):

languages: English, Swedish



Swedish Touring Theatre Riksteatern


Theatre trailers and promotional material




Stockholm, Sweden




I shot the above footage at the rehearsals of Medborgarbandet at Riksteatern's headquarters in Hallunda, Stockholm, Sweden, where I spent the fall of 2018 filming and editing theatre trailers and other material for Sweden's biggest touring theatre. 


languages: English, Swedish



Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts


Theatre trailers for student productions




Stockholm, Sweden




I shot and edited two trailers for Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts' students' yearly theatre productions in the spring of 2018. The above footage is from  the trailer for FALLA.


language: Swedish



Wicked Wonderland 


Backstage portraits and performance films



London, UK




I documented several of Wicked Wonderland's burlesque nights in London, UK in 2018-2019.