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Helsinki, Finland



The story about Zakarie Ali, the Finnish-Somali grocery seller who became an international top model was produced and directed by Naima Mohamud and shot in Helsinki, Finland in the summer of 2018 for BBC for both television and online broadcast. The story was BBC Africa's most watched instagram video in 2018.


Journalist: Naima Mohamud


Videojournalist: Laura Sofia Koski

Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle


News and A2 Current Affairs Stories




Kerala, India



Stories for the Finnish News and the Finnish National Broadcasting Company Yle's current affairs programme A2 were shot in Kerala, India in September 2013, when around half a million people arrived in Amritapuri's Ashram near Thiruvananthapuram to celebrate the 60th birthday of the hugging spiritual leader Mother Amma. Among the guests were Finnish olympic swimmer Matti Rajakylä and rock singer Mikko von Hertzen, both of who have spent years living and volunteering at the Ashram.


Journalist: Riikka Kämppi


Videojournalist: Laura Sofia Koski